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27 October 2015

Recently I received an email that I would like to share with readers because some persons may benefit from the information. I have included my reply, plus I have given some further information about the presence of humic/fulvic acids in our diet.

Hello Michael:
I just started following your work on Humic Acid. Thank you so much for sharing with the world your knowledge. I know this type of selflessness came from the teachings of some wonderful parents, I know this, because I am the same way.

Before I go any further let me say to you, “my condolences to the passing of you dad in 2003”. I needed to say that to you, if not I would not be able to comfortably go further with my communication to you.

In 2003 my life changed. I had just gotten accepted to Brooklyn Law School and at the time Graduating from John Jay with a Bachelor in Forensic Psychology. However at that graduation I passed out and was rushed to the hospital. I was told by the doctor, if I had not come in, I would have been dead in three months. My TCell count was 290 and viral load was 20,000. I had HIV. How I contract it was more heart breaking than the virus itself. I am a very strong personality and fear is not a part of it at all. I am very intelligent with a great deal of common sense and reasoning deduction. I was not defeated by a virus, but knew I would find the cure.

I searched for thirteen years and in 2013 I found it in Fulvic Acid / Humic Acid. Mostly I found it in the Humic Acid Powder. The fulvic liquid was used later in time, but the journey for vitality in health came from Humic Acid. I do not know you Michael, but my spirit tells me I do. I say this because the next thing I did after realizing what it did for me, kinda makes me think of you in your same selfless way.

I monitored my blood work through my doctor, but also monitored my own personal development. After a week of taking two spoon fulls a day of the powder I had my first blood test which blew my mind. I never usually went over 500 with my TCells, but my Viral load has always been undetectable since day one of the diagnoses. This the first test I took after seven days of humic, my tcells were 897 and the viral load was still so undetectable it could not be measured.

I immediately ran out and gave it to the seniors I love so very much. They have been sick with mineral deficiencies and the acidic environment in their bodies housed so many illnesses. This I knew because I began to research the body, acidic environments and Alkaline environments. My entire life changed with Humic. One of my loved ones had Vertigo and now after one month of Humic she is driving again.

Michael the demand for the Humic Powder I have been giving away has gotten so great that I had to build an online store. I am however stuck at a juncture and would really love your advice. I am stuck with the FDA, supplemental facts. I am so baffled at this point. Can you give me some advice for the only substance of humic that Know has been given FDA clearance is Humifulvate, That’s not even US, but Europe, it went through the FDA, because it was being sold here in the US as well.

Michael whatever ideas or information you feel may help me would be humbly appreciated. I follow you on wordpress, again I love your work. I also have a blog on wordpress called; My blog has absolutely nothing on your break down of Humic Acid. No. It is more of a personal journey with Humic Acid, how it was introduced to me, and how it began to change my life. By the way Michael, I have not been on the pharmacy medication since 2013, I no longer am required to take it, because I no longer need it.

Sorry for the long winded story, but I wanted to give you a little back ground so you would better understand How Humic Acid Powder literally changed my life and gave me life back. This mineral is a threat to the establishment, so Michael please keep that in mind as well while answering my question k.
Many Blessing to you.

Thanks So Very Much.
Nydja Wages

Hello Nydja
Thanks for sharing such a positive experience of human emotion with me. Discoveries by themselves are of little value unless they can benefit human and animal life.

I am not sure what advice you would like me to give, so could you please clarify this. Also note that I am not up to date with humic acids and the FDA or any other regulatory body. However, after having worked in the pharmaceutical industry early in my career I am well aware that to register products for human use is not easy, and unless one has hundreds of millions of dollars to spend on safety, efficacy and toxicity testing a product can never be registered.


Information Regarding Humic/Fulvic acids in the diet:

In 1989 my colleagues and I published the first information that humic acids are found in senescent plant matter (Susic, M. & Boto, K.G. High-performance liquid chromatography determination of humic acids in environmental samples at the nano-gram level using fluorescence detection. Journal of Chromatography, 502, 443-446 (1989)). This was an important breakthrough because it showed that the old dogma of humic/fulvic acids being formed in the soil by microbiological conversion of plant lignins lacked credence. The finding has now been repeated and well documented. In my article “MORE THAN TWO CENTURIES OF HUMIC ACID RESEARCH—WHY SO LONG?” on this website under the section “THE CRITICAL EXPERIMENT THAT WAS NEVER DONE 18 February 2011”, I showed that common foods such as toasted bread and rotting pears also contain humic/fulvic acids.

From my research it appears that not only senescent plant matter, but any plant matter that contains the sugars xylose (from xylans or hemi-celluloses) or fructose (from fruits and sugar cane) when it is dried, heated, roased, toasted, fried or allowed to rot is a valuable source of humic/fulvic acids. I have not done the research but invite others to show that foods such as molasses, Panela, brown sugar, coffee, tea, sultanas, raisins, currants, toasted bread, bran, brown bread, brown rice, roasted nuts, chips and similar snacks, malt, etc. are valuable sources of humic/fulvic acids. I also believe that the underneath brown-black part of mushrooms is a good source of humic/fulvic acids.

On 6 December 2003 in my article on this site entitled “STRUCTURE AND ORIGIN OF HUMIC ACIDS AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP TO KEROGEN, BITUMEN, PETROLEUM AND COAL” I wrote that “Hopefully this research will inspire new directions in a confused field.” Although I have done minimal work in this field since then, it is inspiring to see that a new generation of researchers and people interested in the humic/fulvic acid field are making new efforts to really understand this commodity that is a critical part of life on Earth.

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